What is Potato Quest

Potato Quest is a game about a small, yet brave potato.

What is the purpose of the game?

To help Spud traverse the treacherous platforms on his heartwarming journey to becoming a better yam, and to also get a really good score.

Why should I bother helping a silly potato?

Because not all potatoes are sprouted equal. Not all dreams are destined to be fulfilled. But what of you? Is your name fated to be forgotten? Or will you traverse the inexplicably levitated platforms, across the starry night skies and into legend?

How do I play this strange game?

Drag finger across the screen in the direction that you want Spud (the potato)to jump in. The further you drag your finger, the further Potato Man will jump. Once you have chosen the perfect angle and power level, release your finger and Spud will launch into the nights sky.

If you are fast enough try jumping backwards to score bonus points!

Why is it so hard?

To challenge you to be the best potato you can be.

Keep trying, you will get better.